AXEON offers the highest level of quality in our capabilities and services, from innovative design and manufacturing to distribution, sales and service. Our approach is to always research new technology innovations, process development and how we interact with you.

Quality Assurance

AXEON delivers best-in-class quality products and services. Its quality assurance system provides customers the confidence that the products they purchase have been built with a rigorous dedication to exceptional performance and a robust quality scheme. AXEON’s commitment to excellence is supported by the use of systematic process improvement and quality control, which employ a dedicated customer feedback loop to ensure customer requirements and satisfaction are always at the forefront.


AXEON’s specialty in custom product manufacturing and private labeling assures that customers’ unique business and operational requirements are fulfilled effectively and efficiently. Custom product requirements receive thorough review from our AXEON Design and Manufacturing Teams. AXEON has the ability to position and support its customers with their own brand so they appear as they are their own manufacturer.

Engineering and Design / Prototyping

AXEON provides design and engineering services that have been intricately developed and are backed with years of experience. AXEON engineers apply their expertise to meeting standard and custom requirements for water treatment systems and components from around the world. AXEON takes necessary steps to formulate a quick and accurate response to customer inquiries and manage awarded projects. AXEON engineers and technicians are available to provide expert consultation to customers on the full spectrum of AXEON products and applications.

Customer Service and Technical Support

AXEON’s Customer Service Department will assist you throughout your customer experience, from setting up your account to ordering and shipping, to receipt of your AXEON products. And if you have any concerns after receiving a shipment, our Customer Service Team remains ready to make sure your concerns are resolved, swiftly and courteously. AXEON’s Technical Support provides complimentary support for all current AXEON products within their specified warranty period. Our technical support services include pre-sale evaluation, system start-up, operational problem resolution, and assistance with applicable documentation to perform specific tasks.


AXEON has been manufacturing water treatment systems and equipment, membrane elements and housings, as well as system components and accessories for over two decades. It is with this knowledge and experience that AXEON can provide complete support for all of its products as well as many others that exist in the marketplace. AXEON's technical ability in manufacturing allows the company to accommodate many new requests and customized solutions.

Water Chemistry Analysis

The review and interpretation of a submitted water analysis is critical in determining the feedwater make-up for a particular water treatment system. Customers are urged to send in a complete analysis for their applications. AXEON Engineers can then interpret the report and utilize the information to design a customized solution to that particular feedwater, ensuring optimal performance and system life.